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    Political activist, prolific reader, registered investment advisor, tax preparer. Work history: poverty program, Model Cities, CETA planner, CFP

  • Michael Austin

    Michael Austin

    Michael Austin is a former English professor and current academic administrator. He is the author of We Must Not Be Enemies: Restoring America’s Civic Tradition

  • Anangsha Alammyan

    Anangsha Alammyan

    Writing about life as a full-time creator & helping new writers get started. DM: anangsha@baos.pub. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AnangshaAlammyan/

  • Kelly Hartigan

    Kelly Hartigan

    #editor Affordable and professional #editing and #proofreading. Free sample edits. I'm happy to answer any questions and help authors any way I can.

  • The Stoa

    The Stoa

    The Stoa was once a covered portico where Stoics met to philosophize. Now it’s a digital space, where we can gather and talk about what matters most.

  • Dave Olsen

    Dave Olsen

    Politics and policy | Founder, medium.com/politics-fast-and-slow | Editor, politika.org.uk | twitter.com/dave_olsen16 | Policy Paper: https://rb.gy/7coyj

  • Karin Tamerius

    Karin Tamerius

    Political psychiatrist | Pragmatic progressive | Smart Politics founder (JoinSmart.org) | Podcast host | Speaker

  • D&D Editorial Team

    D&D Editorial Team

    News and ideas worthy of discourse. Fundamentally informative and intelligently analytical.

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